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Elementi Audio Elevates Wavetrain Cinemas’ Award-Winning Cloister Cinema

Elementi Audio Shines in Award-Winning Home Cinema Project

The award-winning ‘Cloister Cinema’ by Wavetrain Cinemas showcases the exceptional Elementi Audio system, which plays a pivotal role in delivering unparalleled sound quality. This high-end audio technology ensures crisp, clear, and immersive audio, perfectly complementing the stunning visual experience. Elementi Audio’s precision and performance are integral to the cinema’s overall excellence, contributing to its recognition as the best home cinema design by Sound+Image in 2024.

Elementi Audio Shines in Award-Winning Home Cinema

Sound Image Award 2024

Wavetrain Cinemas is proud to announce that ‘Cloister Cinema,’ featuring the outstanding performance of Elementi Audio, has won the prestigious Gold Award for Cinema Design from Sound & Image magazine. Elementi Audio played a crucial role in achieving the accolades, delivering unparalleled sound quality that elevates the cinematic experience.

Discover Elementi Audio-
Cogworks Shares Latest Innovations!

Discover Elementi Audio: Cogworks Shares Latest Innovations!

Cogworks shares exciting news from Elementi Audio, showcasing the latest advancements in sound technology. Explore their post to delve into premium audio experiences and innovative solutions

Elementi Speaker Spotlight in Wavetrain’s Home Cinema
– by Sound Image Magazine

Elementi Speaker Spotlight in Wavetrain's Home Cinema - Sound & Image Magazine

Discover the audio brilliance of Elementi Speakers in Wavetrain Cinemas’ project, featured in Sound & Image Magazine. A harmonious blend of innovation and sound perfection.

Product Focus – Elementi Audio Fire
By Audio Esoterica

Elementi Audio Fire by Audio Esoterica

“The Elementi Audio ‘Fire’ home cinema system we auditioned for this review was, in our minds, a game changer. It revolutionised our concept of what is possible to achieve in a home cinema system because, quite frankly, we have never heard any other system that came even close to delivering this high level of performance. “

Elementi Audio Interview
By Home Tech Talk

Elementi Audio will have a demonstration at this years Stereonet HiFi show, find them in the Lake 2 room June 3rd – 5th. We will also be attending and covering the event, stay tuned!

Inside Track: Elementi Audio Home Cinema Loudspeaker System
– Stereonet Applause Award

Stereonet Applause Award

“After spending the day with Elementi designer David Moseley, I gained an appreciation of why I needed to visit the Elementi showroom and studios to review them personally. With this range, you’re not simply buying an off the shelf speaker but engaging the installer to tune the room and the speaker to work together harmoniously. It’s a revolutionary approach to dealing with the interaction between speakers and the room. And the results speak for themselves. I found myself drawn into my usual barrage of test discs in a way that I haven’t been for a long time. Dynamics, power, detail and powerful bass – and just about every superlative I can think of – were all there. They really are that good.”

– Elementi Fire

Elementi Fire - Installation Product of the Year

Elementi Fire has been awarded the “Installation Product of the Year” – 2022.

Judges Comment: Elementi has delivered both a new range of astoundingly capable cinema speakers and at the same time a new way of approaching home cinema design.

– Gold Award


If you’re going to build an extension to your home, what better use for it than a reference-level home cinema! Wavetrain Cinemas was engaged to design this home’s new cinema space from the ground up, as an extension to the existing house.

“The client was after a cinema that could match commercial cinema performance,” says Wavetrain’s David Moseley. “And from the very start we knew we would exceed that goal by correctly designing all elements of the cinema.” And according to the lucky owner of this eight-seat theatre, David Moseley’s confidence was not misplaced.

by Wavetrain Cinemas

New cinema from old by Wavetrain

Out with the old, in with this new reference-level home cinema wrapped in glorious Art Nouveau trimmings.

This custom home cinema from Wavetrain Cinemas replaced a previous home cinema in the same space. You might think that would simplify things considerably, compared with converting a basement room or starting from scratch with a concrete shell. But as Wavetrain’s David Moseley explains, that would depend on the quality of the original cinema design.

“The cinema as it was had significant issues to overcome,” he tells Sound+Image. “The client’s inspiration for the new design was a previous ‘Art Nouveau’ cinema we had created — but that had been a room with 3.2-metre ceilings.

Elementi Fire – Home Cinema Speakers

Best Buy Speakers

Elementi’s home cinema speakers are not only different in themselves, they enable a change in home cinema design which brings several key advantages.

It’s rare to encounter a new brand which not only brings fresh and competitive product to the marketplace, but which also suggests a way of doing things differently. But that’s the fundamental ethos behind this new Australian brand of home cinema speakers called Elementi.

Designed specifically for home cinema use (though the largest of them could potentially service commercial applications), the Elementi brand includes ‘Fire’ and ‘Air’ speaker ranges, plus an ‘Earth’ range of subwoofers, and an upcoming ‘Water’ range of Atmos speakers. Read more…

See what they had to say:


Elementi has been meticulously created by Australia’s leading Home Cinema Design Engineer and Acoustician, David Moseley, of Australia’s most awarded cinema design company – Wavetrain Cinemas.

Selected press and media were invited to multiple demonstration events last Wednesday at Wavetrain Cinemas and whilst COVID marred a full take up of invitees being able to attend the event, all those who experienced the new range were blown away with what they heard.

Click the image to see a snapshot of what some of the guests had to say.


The secrets behind stunning home cinema with 165-inch screen.
Entertainment extension – By Wavetrain Cinemas

Elementi audio products were recently featured in a Sound+Image article as part of a world-class entertainment extension project by Wavetrain Cinemas.

“This home cinema is the first we’ve seen in Sound+Image to feature a new range of speakers called Elementi. Designed specifically for home cinema
use (though the largest of them could potentially service commercial applications), the Elementi brand includes ‘Fire’ and ‘Air’ speaker ranges,
plus an ‘Earth’ range of subwoofers, and an upcoming ‘Water’ range of Atmos speakers. The ‘Fire’ range (pictured opposite) uses compression drivers for high frequency delivery, while the ‘Air’ models share the cabinet and mid-bass drivers from the Fire range but switch to a pleated diaphragm ‘tweeter’ along the lines of Oskar Hail’s air motion transformer.”

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