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From the moment the music started it was clear I was listening to something very special. There are very few times in your life you hear a system that gives you such a palpable sense of reality that closing your eyes simply completes the immersion experience. This is a system of speakers
playing at another level to the competition”“The sound was immersive and realistic when listening to the concert demo”

“The demo clips were ones that we used regularly and I almost jumped out of my seat during the ‘Unbroken’ clip. The Elementi system and Storm controller delivered an astonishing cinema experience”

“It’s the audio that truly blows you away— so much power, so clean. My wife almost cried, hearing this for the first time.”

“one of the best systems I have ever heard”

Having spent some time with the Elementi Audio range doing some critical listening with my favourite movie soundtracks, I can comfortably say that the Elementi Audio system offers a huge cinematic sound stage and prestigious sound quality superior to that of any other active cinema speaker system that I have installed or heard to date.”

“Power and finesse is hard to find, but add to that incredibly deep, powerful and quick bass like I haven’t heard before…. sign me up. If there is a better system in the country, I am yet to hear it.

“I’ve heard that demo so many times on so many systems, but I’ve never heard it like that before”

“Deeply impactful Bass and very comfortable at high levels”

The Elementi Audio ‘Fire’ home cinema system we auditioned for this review was, in our minds, a game changer. It revolutionised our concept of what is possible to achieve in a home cinema system because, quite frankly, we have never heard any other system that came even close to delivering this high level of performance.

After spending the day with Elementi designer David Moseley, I gained an appreciation of why I needed to visit the Elementi showroom and studios to review them personally. With this range, you’re not simply buying an off the shelf speaker but engaging the installer to tune the room and the speaker to work together harmoniously. It’s a revolutionary approach to dealing with the interaction between speakers and the room. And the results speak for themselves. I found myself drawn into my usual barrage of test discs in a way that I haven’t been for a long time. Dynamics, power, detail and powerful bass – and just about every superlative I can think of – were all there. They really are that good.

Stereonet Applause Award

Elementi Amplifiers

Elementi Audio is the control centre of your cinema experience. Featuring DSP controlled, digital active amplifiers that deliver highly-tailored sound pressure levels through the four distinct Elementi series.

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